LaSexta Barometer | 62.5% of those questioned believe that the government should not grant pardon to the prisoners of the trial

Posted: Sunday June 06 2021 2:43 PM

The possible pardons to the prisoners of the trial divide the Spaniards. About two-thirds of those polled in the laSexta barometer (62.5%) believe they should not be granted, while more than a third think they are (37.3%). Among the PSOE voters, there is no unanimity, although the majority of over 60%, in particular 61.1%, is in favor of pardons, while 38.4% are against it.

As to whether the pardons will help rebuild the political and social situation in Catalonia, a majority of 63% think they will not, while 36.6% think the opposite. Here again, the Socialist voters do not have an opinion as a group: the majority, 62%, think that pardons will help to improve the situation in the Autonomous Community, while 37.6% think they do not.

In addition, 64.8% of respondents believe pardoned politicians will commit illegal acts again, compared to a third who believe they will not (34.3%). Among the supporters of the PSOE, more than 40% believe that the independence leaders would start again in spite of the pardon. This is data from the Invymark Institute for laSexta.

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