LaSexta Barometer | 63.3% of respondents would remove the mask outdoors if its use was voluntary

Update: Saturday, June 19, 2021 2:47 PM

Posted: 19.06.2021 14:46

Spain follows in the wake of its neighbors Portugal and France and joins Northern Europe by removing outdoor masks. Next Thursday, it will probably be approved by the Council of Ministers. Up to eight Autonomous Communities have asked the government to eliminate masks abroad as soon as possible. In addition, the tourism sector also takes a positive view, since it believes that it will allow the definitive take-off of the sector.

In the laSexta barometer, we asked ourselves about this. A two-thirds majority (63.3%) would remove the mask outdoors if its use was voluntary and possible, while a third would continue to wear it (36.7%). Similarly, a majority of 66.3% also maintain that the use of a mask outdoors is no longer mandatory, while a third believe the opposite. 33.7% think this way.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced this Friday the convening of an extraordinary Council of Ministers during which it will be approved that the mask is no longer compulsory outside from Saturday June 26, although its use continues to be mandatory indoors. . .

62% of respondents, very concerned about the variants

Generally speaking, we would like to take our masks off, although we are also concerned about newer variants of the coronavirus, such as India. In this sense, 62% of respondents are very concerned about variants, while 37.9 are little or not at all. This is data from the Invymark Institute for laSexta.

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