LaSexta Barometer | 72% of Spaniards will stay at home for Christmas

Publication: Tuesday, December 22, 2020 12:26

71.8% of Spaniards will stay at home for Christmas and will not leave their usual residence, according to data from the latest laSexta barometer. Among these, the highest percentage correspond to Vox voters (76.5%), followed by Socialists (73%), Popular (71.7), Citizens (68.5%) and United We Can (60 , 6%).

In addition, seven in ten, 73%, will change their plans this Christmas because of the coronavirus. The largest proportion is that of the voters of the PP, with 80.1%. They are followed by those of Podemos (77.5%), those of PSOE and Ciudadanos (72.2) and those of Vox (64.7%).

Regarding the restrictions on dinners at Christmas dinners and meals, 81.4% of respondents consider them necessary. United We Can voters are the ones who appreciate them the most: 91.5%. However, among far-right voters, only 50% believe they are necessary under the current circumstances.

PSOE voters also approve significantly, 89.2%, followed by citizens (83.3%) and popular (75.7%).

Compared to the latest laSexta barometer, the approval of the measures has risen by nearly a point, 0.9% since November 23, coinciding with the proximity of the holidays and the escalation of infections.

Regarding the Christmas Eve and New Year’s curfews, which as a rule will run from 1.30 a.m. to 6 a.m., although the Communities can change it, 78.8% of participants believe that they should be maintained five tenths more than in the previous survey.

All parties approve of these measures, with the exception of Vox: 52.9% of their voters reject nighttime mobility restrictions.

88% of those who vote socialist are for, followed by 87.3% who vote for purple, 74.1% for oranges and 71.7% for the popular.

In the study, prepared for laSexta by the Invymark Institute, 1,200 interviews were collected.

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