LaSexta Barometer | 75.2% of respondents trust coronavirus vaccines

Publication: Saturday April 17, 2021 2:40 PM

A majority of Spaniards trust the coronavirus vaccine. According to data from the latest laSexta barometer, 75.2% of respondents have a lot or a lot of trust in these vaccines, while 24.6% admit that their trust is low or zero.

The least confident if we divide this data by intention to vote are Vox followers, who are evenly divided. Almost 53% trust a lot or a lot and 45% trust little or no. Among United We Can voters, there is also a suspicious third.

Despite the high level of confidence, the majority – above 60% – are concerned about news that links vaccines to cases of thrombosis. 24% are very worried and 37% somewhat worried. On the contrary, about 40% hardly care.

The Spaniards are ready to be vaccinated in percentages already close to 90%. This is recognized by 82.9% of those surveyed, which is the best number in the historic series that started in September of last year. By political stripe, in general, everyone is ready to receive the vaccine, including United We Can voters, with a slightly lower percentage reaching 70% and, Vox followers, reaching 63%.

The serum produced by Pzifer-Biontech is the vaccine with the highest public confidence and receives a rating of 6. Moderna follows, both vaccines which follow the principle of messenger RNA. Astrazeneca failed to pass, remaining at 4.62, a few hundredths above the confidence in the Russian vaccine Sputnik V (4.57).

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