LaSexta Barometer | Fernando Simón, character of the year 2020 for the Spaniards


Publication: Sunday December 27 2020 16:54

The award for the best character of the year went to Fernando Simón. Hundreds of press conferences later, his face and voice brought us closer every day to the daily data from the Ministry of Health on the coronavirus in Spain.

Almost a fifth of voters see him as the Character of the Year, although he was also considered the eighth worst character of the year, tied with Gabriel Rufián.

Science eliminates sport from the top spot, although no one can take Rafa Nadal off the podium. The tennis player occupies the second position, just ahead of Pedro Sánchez. The Prime Minister overtakes Pablo Casado, Leader of the Opposition, who is the fourth best character of the year and, at the same time, the fifth worst character.

Politicians, singers, actors and, for the first time, a collective: that of the health workers who made us feel so proud in 2020 and who will continue to do so in 2021.

Biden, the third worst character … and the best internationally

But make no mistake, because some of these names also top the shameful ranking of the worst characters of the year. The worst podium at the national level is political. Santiago Abascal tops the list, followed by Pablo Iglesias. Sánchez would be in third place. In other words, our Prime Minister would be both the third best … and the worst of the year.

For the Spaniards, the King Emeritus is the fourth worst in Spain and the seventh among the worst characters in the world. Although internationally, there is a leader who takes the cake.

Donald Trump is once again the worst character of the year by far, far removed from the second, Nicolás Maduro, and the third, Joe Biden. The president-elect of the United States is ironically the third worst and the first among the best of the year internationally.

Angela Merkel, Anthony Fauci or Kamala Harris are also on the list. A year that was for science and much more feminine than the previous one.

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