LaSexta Barometer | More than 60% of those questioned consider the departure of Pablo Iglesias from the government to run for the presidency of the Community of Madrid positive

Publication: Saturday, March 20, 2021 2:39 PM

The laSexta barometer shows the unanimity among the voters of the various formations on the decision of Pablo Iglesias to leave the vice-presidency of the government to stand for the elections in the Community of Madrid.

And it is that voters of all parties positively appreciate the decision of the leader of Podemos to challenge Ayuso for the presidency of the Community, exceeding 50% in any case. The voters of the PP are the most divided, with 53.6% who appreciate it positively and 45% who see it as something negative. On the contrary, almost three quarters of Podemos voters (73.8%) support this decision, while 26.2% consider it negatively.

Thus, more than 60% of those questioned consider this movement to be positive, and 38% think the opposite. For 49% of those polled, Iglesias’ decision benefits the left, while 48.7% believe it benefits the right. Here we see a division between the voters of PSOE and United We Can compared to those of PP, Vox and Ciudadanos, as can be seen in the video.

The majority of Spaniards support the decision to incorporate Yolanda Díaz into the vice-presidency to replace Pablo Iglesias, with more than 54% supporting this option against 42% who think otherwise.

And what does Más Madrid’s “no” look like to Podemos to jointly participate in the elections in Madrid? 52.5% see it as something positive, while 44.8% see it negatively. The majority of United We can supporters (83.5%) believe it is a bad decision, as do the majority of Socialist supporters (54.2%).

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