LaSexta Barometer | The PP is again for the second consecutive wave the first option of voting intention with 27.2%

Posted: Sunday May 23 2021 2:30 p.m.

The Popular Party is again the first political force in voting intentions for the second consecutive wave, according to the laSexta barometer. The party led by Pablo Casado would obtain 27.2% of the votes already decided, three tenths ahead of the PSOE (26.9%). Thus, the Socialists lost their leadership with the intention of voting for the first time in May since 2018.

With 18.4% of the votes already decided, Vox is the third political force, and is ten points ahead of United We Can (8.2%). Meanwhile, Más País would enter Parliament with 4.8% of the vote and Ciudadanos would stay on the sidelines with 1.4%.

Comparison with 2019 results

With these results, those of Pablo Casado would improve the result of the 2019 elections by 6.5 points, while the Socialists would lose one point, while Vox gains more than three points, Unidos Podemos loses four, Más País doubles his results and Ciudadanos loses five. points.

Pedro Sánchez, the most appreciated leader

Despite the loss of voting intentions of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez takes over the leadership of the citizen evaluation, although none of the political leaders approve of it. In the case of the president of the PSOE, he receives a rating of 4.21, while married a rating of 4.08. In third place is Abascal with a 2.48, followed by Arrimadas, who receives a 2.3. This is data from the Invymark Institute.

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