LaSexta Barometer | The PP is placed as the first voting intention option for the first time since 2018 with 27.3%

Publication: Saturday May 8, 2021 2:05 PM

The Popular Party is gaining momentum at the national level after the elections in the Community of Madrid. Thus, for the first time since May 2018, it is placed as the first political option in the intention to vote. According to the laSexta barometer, the PP would obtain 27.3% of the votes already decided, six tenths more than the PSOE, which ranks second with 26.7%.

In addition, Vox rises and also distances himself from his pursuers with 19% of the vote. Meanwhile, Unidos Podemos drops to 8% and the case of Ciudadanos is worth highlighting, which would disappear from the national scene since it does not even reach 2%. On the other hand, Mas País would appear in the parliamentary ark with 4.4% of the vote.

With these results, the PP would gain 6.5 points compared to the last elections, while the PSOE would lose more than one point. Vox, for its part, is the second highest rising game, adding around four points. Unidos Podemos loses five points and Ciudadanos loses 5.5 points, while Mas País gains two more points in intention to vote.

Pablo Casado, the most appreciated leader

When it comes to political leaders, Pablo Casado tops the list of citizen ratings with almost 4.5. Pedro Sánchez follows with a 4.24. And for the first time, Santiago Abascal, with a score of 2.61, ceases to be the red lantern and exceeds Inés Arrimadas, who ends with a valuation of 2.19.

The result of the Madrid election puts the PSOE-Unidas Podemos government coalition at risk, according to 60% of those polled in the laSexta barometer, while 37% believe it does not affect. This is data from the Invymark Institute.

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