LaSexta Barometer | The PSOE cuts the distances with the PP, which retains the highest voting intention

Posted: Sunday July 18 2021 2:06 PM

The PP would win the elections if they were held today with 28% of the vote. These are the data provided by the latest laSexta barometer, carried out by the Invimark Institute, which leaves the PSOE in second place with just over 26% of the votes.

The formation led by Pedro Sánchez cuts the distance from the other barometers, but remains at this distance of around two points in intention to vote. The third position would be occupied by Vox, which remains below 18% of the votes cast.

United We Can, the fourth force in this barometer, would not reach 10%, remaining at 9.3%. Behind, Más País, which reaches 4.5%, and Ciudadanos, which closes the barometer with a voting intention of less than 2%.

With these data on the table, the PP would gain seven points more than in the last election, with the PSOE losing just under two points. Vox would increase by two and a half points and United We could fall by three and a half points. More Country would double its results and Ciudadanos would lose all its parliamentary strength.

Regarding the evaluation of political leaders, Pedro Sánchez continues to obtain the best mark, although he fails with a 4.4. Pablo Casado follows him, but does not exceed 4. Below 3 are Ione Belarra, Santiago Abascal and Inés Arrimadas.

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