LaSexta Barometer | The PSOE would win the elections and the PP climbs by more than two points against 10-N

Posted: Sunday, November 1, 2020 2:34 PM

The PSOE remains the first political force of intention to vote. According to the LaSexta barometer this Sunday, the Socialists would obtain 28.5% of the votes already decided, retaining more than five points of advantage over the second option.

The People’s Party won 23.2% and Vox, the third force, 14.7%. United We can follow more than three points behind with 11% of the vote. Citizens, meanwhile, remain at 7.3%.

It is striking to see the trends and comparisons of this data against our last electoral intention barometer, of October 5, and compared to the elections of November 10, 2019.

All the parties lost a few tenths compared to the previous barometer, the PP being the only one to increase by half a point to exceed 23% of voting intention. Its increase is even more pronounced compared to the passage of the polls a year ago: it increased by 2.4 percentage points.

PSOE and Ciudadanos have also progressed by half a point compared to this date, which however lost respectively three tenths and one tenth compared to our last barometer.

The biggest fall is that of Podemos: it loses 1.8% of the support obtained last year. Compared to a month ago, it loses a tenth.

Respondents, against the motion of censure

For the Spaniards, the winners of the debate on the latest motion of censure presented by Vox are Pablo Casado and the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez.

The PP leader gets 35.6% of the vote on the question of who, according to the respondents, was the best in the debate, followed by 35% for Sánchez. Far are Pablo Iglesias (9.1%), Santiago Abascal (8.3%) and Inés Arrimadas (5%).

The majority of Spaniards, above 86%, support the PP’s decision to vote “no” on the motion. Similar to the number of respondents (87.6%) who consider that this motion to the President was not necessary. This is data from the Invimark Institute.

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