LaSexta Barometer | The PSOE would win the legislative elections with 28.4% of the vote

Publication: Sunday March 21, 2021 2:14 PM

The PSOE leads the voting intention already decided by the voters, according to the laSexta barometer. The Socialists would get 28.4% of the vote, which is a four and a half point advantage over the PP, which would get 23.9%.

Vox is consolidated as the third option of voting intention with 18.6%, while Unidas Podemos and Ciudadanos fall by 10% with 9.8% and 4.4% respectively. In two weeks, PSOE and Vox have added more than a point, although the formation led by Pablo Casado is also rising. Citizens falls by more than two points coinciding with political chaos in Murcia and at United We can lose half a point.

If we compare with the results of the previous elections, the PSOE would manage to improve its results slightly, PP and Vox progressing in particular by more than three points each. The parties that have fallen the most are Unidos Podemos (three points down) and Ciudadanos (two points down).

The Cs crisis divides the Spaniards

On the other hand, 55.5% of those questioned believe that Inés Arrimadas should resign after the political earthquake in Murcia, for 48% who are attached to its sustainability. A large majority of 70% think that the orange formation should not merge with the PP; only the voters of the PP and Vox support this merger of parties.

Division also on the need for the existence of citizens in Spanish politics. This is defended by around 45% of those questioned, for the nearly 50% who think that it should not exist. Less than a third of those polled believe that Ciudadanos has a future in politics.

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