LaSexta Barometer | The Spaniards, divided by the pardons in the trial, although their support climbs by seven points in two weeks

Update: Sunday, June 20, 2021 3:12 PM

Posted: 20.06.2021 15:11

The Spanish society is divided with the pardons of the prisoners of the trial. This is one of the conclusions of the LaSexta Special Barometer: 55.7% of those questioned believe that the government should not grant this measure of pardon to independence leaders, against 44.2% who defend them.

However, support for pardons increased by seven points in just two weeks: in the May 31 poll, 37% of Spaniards believed the government should adopt the decision.

Support in Catalonia is predominant: 73.4% of people questioned in this community support it.

When asked if these measures will help rebuild the political and social situation in Catalonia, 55.5% think they will not, compared to 44.3% that they will. But, as in the previous question, the climate of opinion is more favorable and has progressed by nearly eight points, compared to the previous fortnight.

But despite the pardons, the Spaniards believe that the pardoned prisoners will commit illegal acts again: 61% say so, against 37% who think the opposite.

Regarding the demonstration in Colón last Sunday, called by Unión78 and supported by the right, 52% say they are in favor of the said concentration in the rejection of pardons, against 47% who judge it negatively. In Catalonia, this rejection amounts to 78.3%. This is a study prepared by the Invymark Institute for laSexta.

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