laSexta cancels its electoral debate in Madrid on April 26

Publication: Friday April 23, 2021 4:36 PM

laSexta has decided to cancel its debate scheduled for April 26 after assessing the events that took place this Friday in the Madrid election campaign and after learning of the refusal of several candidates to hold new debates.

This is the case of Pablo Iglesias, candidate of United We Can, and also of Íñigo Errejón, leader of Más País. Both have announced that it is foolish to participate in further debates in the face of the regional elections on May 4 in Madrid after what happened that morning at the SER.

Pablo Iglesias left the radio studio because Vox insisted on questioning the veracity of the death threats made to the former vice president. “It is very serious. The tolerance and impunity that there was with these types of threats pushed them to go further,” said the United We Can candidate in the first round of speech.

Rocío Monasterio, from Vox, seated to his left, replied: “We condemn all kinds of violence. I would have liked Iglesias to condemn the violence we are suffering in Vallecas”, and added: “If you are so brave Get up- you and go. “To which the United We Can candidate replied:” I think you are making a mistake in laundering that they are defending things against democracy. We are not going to argue with the far right, ” he said, to take his mask, get up and leave the set.

The moderator, journalist Angels Barceló, tried to make him stay and while holding Iglesias by the arm, she berated Monasterio for his attitude, saying “this is not a show, this is an electoral debate between Democrats . ” I want you to do it. respond to the provocation of the far right. I’m going to ask him not to go too far, ”pleaded the United We Can reporter, finally leaving the set.

However, candidate Vox did not stay there and continued her attacks. “Come on, I’m happy, off the board where it’s got to be, and out of politics,” he said dryly. “We are better now (…) He fled, just as he fled the government”, he stammered, also accusing Barceló of being an “activist” and of “grabbing the hand” of Iglesias .

After that, Iglesias went to the police station to present the complaint for the four-bullet threatening letter and after leaving he said: “Democrats cannot whitewash the far right (…) with the far right are over. Can’t we just legitimize the far right. You can’t consent. “According to him,” the far right has been normalized and whitewashed. I filed a complaint and I hope there will be a judicial response, but there must also be a public response, ”he added at the gates of the Congressional Police. station.

Similarly, Más País leader Íñigo Errejón indicated through his official Twitter profile that “there are no conditions for debating like this. More shows given at the far right. This is the last. To sweep them. away. at the polls. “His candidate, Mónica García, also berated Monasterio in the SER debate and, like Ángel Gabilondo, announced that they would leave the debate, which forced the SER to end it prematurely.

As for the socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, PSOE sources at LaSexta also pointed out in the same direction, that the requirement of any debate is to condemn violence and that there is no place for those who cover up the death threats. “It’s a question of democracy,” they insist. Thus, they make LaSexta understand that the PSOE will no longer attend the debate with Vox because the far-right formation does not condemn these threats.

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