Last day to vote by mail in the Madrid elections

Publication: Friday, April 30, 2021 6:02 AM

Less than a week before the regional elections in Madrid on May 4, many voters have already exercised their right to vote by mail. If you plan to vote without having to go to the corresponding polling station, be aware that today, April 30, is the last day to send the chosen option.

The deadline for requesting the documents needed to vote by mail expired on Saturday April 24 for Spanish residents. For people living abroad, temporarily or permanently, it did so on April 5.

Due to the pandemic, administrations are encouraging the use of this route to avoid crowds at polling stations. Voting by mail facilitates adherence to protocols as voters are not exposed to unnecessary queues

How do I send my vote by mail?

To be able to exercise the remote voting option, it must have been previously requested so that the Electoral Census Office (OCE) sends the necessary documents. These are:

Certificate of registration for the list of electors A ballot paper with each of the candidates presented Instructions sheet with the steps to follow Envelope addressed to the president of the assigned table Envelope for registration to vote

Anyone living in Spain can deliver the envelope to the postman delivering the documents or send it by post. Voters who temporarily reside outside the Spanish borders must be registered as non-residents and can send their option by post, sending the envelope directly to the polling station. In the event of permanent residence outside Spain, the vote must be sent by mail to the corresponding consular office, or be deposited in the ballot box provided by the consulate.

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