Lastra defends that all equality laws in Spain bear the PSOE signature

Posted: Sunday June 27 2021 3:32 PM

The PSOE on Sunday underlined its commitment to a “more feminist Spain where women can live in security, equality and without fear”, as explained by its Deputy Secretary General and spokesperson for the Parliamentary Group. socialist in Congress, Adriana Lastra.

This was stated in Granada, at the closing of a conference on equality, in which he stressed that, “in the face of deadly machismo, sexual assault, unjust inequalities and exploitation, in the PSOE we have a very clear answer: more feminism ”.

In this sense, Lastra remarked that the PSOE will continue “to march towards this more feminist Spain where women can live in safety, with equality and without fear”. Precisely, the first words of his speech were a memory for the 1,099 women murdered in the country since 2003, when sexist crimes began to be officially recorded.

The socialist leader, who participated in Granada in this day framed in the preparatory work for the presentation of the framework for the 40th Congress of the PSOE, explained that “all the equality laws of this country have our signature and our initials” and have “A weaving of“ a more just and free society ”for women with the common thread of socialism and feminism. ”

He reiterated that it is necessary “to address equality from both points of view, gender and class, so that it is a complete look” and with particular attention to the exit from the COVID-19 crisis : “The pandemic is having a terrible effect on the employment of women which we must urgently tackle because economic recovery cannot come at the expense of women. “

“The PP is far from the Spanish”

Además, Lastra ha acusado este domingo al PP de ser una derecha “radicalizada y sola” al defender una España en la que “solo caben ellos” y ha dicho que los populares están cada vez “más en manos” de Vox y más lejos de the Spanish”.

During the closing ceremony of a conference on equality and feminism organized by the PSOE in Granada, he stressed that the PP accuses of being “the anti-Spain” all those who do not think like them, whereas, according to him, they are the ones who “no longer represent anyone”.

According to Lastra, the country no longer supports “more clashes” or more “resentment”, so it is time for reunion, dialogue and politics, something in which he considers that “all Spaniards work except the PP and Pablo Casado “.

The “reactionary” movement against the advancement of women’s rights, he said, is “terrible” in many public spaces, for which he advocated redoing the “pedagogy” and explaining “the obvious. “.

The socialist leader believes that it is necessary to “unmask the machismo and the inequality” which are sometimes shown in a “very raw” way and other times hidden in “a more subtle way under the myth of free choice”.

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