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Posted: Tuesday, November 3, 2020 3:04 PM

The Ministry of Health will meet again with the Ministry of Health of Asturias to analyze its epidemiological situation in the coming days. At this meeting, the central government rejected the Principality’s request to decree house arrest due to the increase in cases.

According to a joint statement, the executive of Pedro Sánchez believes that the region must “give itself time to see the effects” of the restrictions applied so far and “verify their effectiveness in the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic” before take further action.

Salvador Illa and Pablo Fernández met this morning, with their respective teams, after Adrián Barbón on Monday demanded at a press conference that the government apply house arrest for 15 days. He did so after announcing the closure of bars and restaurants.

Already this Monday, after hearing the Principality’s request, sources from the Ministry of Health told LaSexta that this measure was not on the table. Meanwhile, from the government of Barbón, they have indicated that it is necessary “to be more energetic to ensure that the incidence not only increases, but also decreases. “We believe that our request is sufficiently motivated”, added the Minister of Health.

It is not the only autonomous community which has asked for the home of its population. Melilla expressed itself in the same direction and the Junta de Castilla y León asked the central government “to assume its responsibility and to decree the measures required by the situation” because the current state of alert “does not allow ‘go beyond what has been agreed’.

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