latest coronavirus update: brisk walking in narrow places increases risk of corona virus infection: study – walking in narrow places increases risk of coronavirus infection, Chinese study finds

The risk of the corona virus infection spreading increases when people quickly follow in tight places. This was revealed in a study done in China. According to the study, when the infected person walks around such places, there is an increased risk of infection with the virus present in the inhaled droplets left behind.

The study, published in the journal “Physics of Fluids”, yielded the results of computer “simulations” describing how the shape of a space can help spread infection in the air. Previous research on glass, windows and air conditioning (AC) studies the effect on airflow.

However, scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing now claim that the simulations they conducted were studied in large open spaces. According to the study, if a person walking in a narrow place coughs, the droplets that come out of their breath form the same lines behind their body as those formed when a boat floats in water.

According to the study, the droplets coming out of the mouth become densely cloudy in the air and go far beyond the person’s body. Researcher Xiaoli Yang said this puts people at risk of infection, walking back and forth through narrow passages.

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