Latest Coronavirus Updates: Corona Has Spread Around The World Due To Corruption Of Chinese Officials, “ Brokering ” Of Test Kit Companies – Coronavirus Has Spread Around The World Due To bribery of Chinese officials, brokerage was taken from test kit manufacturing companies

China is once again questioning how to prevent the global spread of the corona virus. A recent investigation found that the corona virus infection has spread around the world due to the negligence of officials at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), China’s leading disease control agency. The corruption and partisanship of officials in this agency has led to widespread unrest. This hampered early attempts to stop the spread of the corona virus.

Chinese authorities have given contracts to shut down businesses
Investigations by the Associate Press news agency found that CDC officials in China authorized the design and distribution of test kits, particularly to three Shanghai-based companies with which agents had personal relationships. However, people hadn’t heard much about these companies until then. The survey is based on internal documents, contracts, messages and emails, as well as more than 40 physicians, CDC employees, health experts and industry leaders.

Agents broke into test kit companies
According to two sources familiar with the matter and the transaction, the Shanghai companies – Gynodex Biotech, Huerui Biotechnology and Biojerm Medical Technology – paid the Chinese CDC for information and distribution rights. He expressed the desire not to reveal his name. According to some sources, the price was 10 lakh RMB ($ 1.46,600) each. It is not clear if the money went to specific people.

Authorities halt virus investigation with test kits
Meanwhile, the CDC and its parent agency, the National Health Commission, have tried to prevent other scientists and organizations from testing the virus with their homemade kits. He took control of patient samples and complicated exam scales to confirm cases with vicar corona. At a time when the virus could have slowed down, the flawed detection system prevented scientists and officials from seeing how fast it was spreading.

Chinese authorities were unable to locate Corona initially
Chinese authorities did not detect a single new case between January 5 and January 17, while hundreds of people were infected in Wuhan. It was in this city that the virus first appeared. This possible peace of affairs meant that the authorities’ response was slow to take swift action to issue warnings among the common people and prevent people from gathering in large numbers in one place.

Corona has spread around the world due to lack of test kits
The investigation also alleged that it also led to a shortage of testing kits, which prevented many infected from accessing health care. Other errors and delayed investigation problems allowed the virus to unleash its roots in Wuhan and spread around the world. Yanzhou Zhong Hank, Senior Fellow for Global Health at the Council on Foreign Relations, said that because you only had three companies supplying test kits, this limited the ability to test.

Death toll has risen due to officer negligence
He said it was a major problem which has led to a rapid increase in the number of cases and deaths. The Chinese Foreign Ministry and China’s main health agency – the National Health Commission – did not respond to a request for a response on the matter.

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