Latest from US and China: China poses greatest long-term strategic threat to 21st century Pentagon commander

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The US commander has declared China the greatest threat of the 21st century; the statement by the chief of the US Pacific command in the US congress prompted China to attack Taiwan within the next 6 years, thus increasing the military force Washington
There has been an outcry since a senior US military commander made a statement to the US Congress regarding China. A senior Pentagon commander told U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday that China poses the greatest long-term strategic threat of the 21st century. He also claimed that in the next 5-6 years, China could attack at any time to capture Taiwan.

China can become a threat to the whole world
Admiral Phil Davidson, commander of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, told the House Armed Services Committee that China could become a threat to the whole world if not restrained.

First meeting of Biden’s tenure with China
Davidson’s statement comes at a time when US Secretary of State Antoine Blinken, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and key Chinese foreign policy officials are due to meet next month. This will be the first face-to-face meeting between senior officials of the Biden administration and their Chinese counterparts in the United States.

Taiwan’s first hunt for China
The US commander made it clear that Taiwan was at the top of China’s list of ambitions. I think the threat to Taiwan is greater in this decade, especially in the next 6 years. He also praised China’s eye on the US military base in the Pacific Ocean. Davidson said Guam is a target for China today. He also sought approval from US lawmakers to put an anti-missile defense system on Guam.

China wants to bring Indo-Pacific countries to its court
Davidson said that unlike our free and open approach, the Chinese Communist Party encourages a closed and authoritarian system through internal and external pressure. He said that China has a very nefarious attitude towards the region, in which the whole party wants to pressure governments, businesses, organizations and people in the Indo-Pacific, corrupt them and try to support them.

US-Indian tension, Chinese President Xi Jinping calls on army to be PLA ready
The Chinese army is constantly increasing its strength
He said as China continually increasing the size of the PLA and increasing its combined capabilities, the military balance in the Indo-Pacific has become more hostile to the United States and its allies. Davidson said that in the absence of an effective mechanism to stop China, it would continue to take steps to uproot established international systems based on rules and values ‚Äč‚Äčrepresenting the vision of a free and independent Indian Pacific.

Request to increase funds to win
He said we should do all we can to stop the conflict. Our first task is to keep the peace, but if rivalry turns into struggle, we must be fully prepared to fight and to win.

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