Latest Hubble Telescope Update: Hubble Telescope Image of the Galaxy with a Supermassive Black Hole

The U.S. space agency NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope took a photo of the deep space galaxy. This galaxy is very special because its center emits as much energy as the rest of the galaxy. Its image consists of images taken in infrared and visible light. NASA said it looks like a spiral galaxy when viewed from the edge, but is clearly visible when viewed from outside the visible spectrum.

giant black hole in the center
The galaxy NGC 3254 is not a spiral galaxy like our galaxy, it is called the Seyfert galaxy. These are galaxies with very active nuclei. NASA said there is a huge black hole in their center that continues to eat matter and emit radiation. In this process, a trillion times more energy is released than our sun.

How far from the earth?
Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a spiral galaxy with arms emerging from its center. Most of these galaxies are flat, made up of a disk of stars, dust and gas. It also has a star cluster at its center. NGC 3254 was first discovered by William Herschel in March 1785. It is located in the constellation Leo Minor, 118 million light years from Earth.

Hubble’s fault
A 1980s Hubble Telescope computer, which has made countless discoveries in space over the past 30 years, has malfunctioned. US space agency NASA said that with the help of this Hubble computer, science-related instruments are being controlled. Due to a computer failure, this telescope has now stopped taking astronomical photos.

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