Latest Kim Jong Un pics: latest Kim Jong Un footage shows spot on head

As much as the North Korean administration is renowned for keeping the country’s affairs secret, its dictator Kim Jong Un himself remains an enigma. There is speculation about his health. In the photos that surfaced a few days ago, Kim looked very weak and it was claimed that she had lost weight. Today, some of his latest photos have again raised a lot of questions.

NK News shared photos showing a stain on the back of Kim Jong’s head. It is not known what this defect is and how it was formed, the interesting thing is that in some pictures it is covered with a bandage. Whether this dark green mark is an injury or not is not clear from the pictures.

Kim Jong Un sick again? Weight loss, weakening … North Korea in tension with new photos
According to the report, this mark was seen during a military event from July 24 to 27. He also appeared in footage from a veterans conference July 27-29, which was not in June.

worry about weight
Usually Kim’s health is not discussed and related information is kept secret, but now her weight is also discussed and concerns are expressed as well. In the first workshop of Korean People’s Army commanders and police officers, Kim appeared very thin. For this reason, there has also been speculation that he is ill.

North Korean experts say discussing Kim’s health like this on state television is a public relations exercise. In telling the world about his health, the government wants some comfort to come as well, and people to be made aware that even in such a situation, Kim Jong is working for him.

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