BJP MLAs of India threatened through Whatsapp Message to Deposit 10 Lakh in Bitcoin account 9768
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May 23, 2018 at 5:50 PM

As sources have reported, 13 BJP party MLAs belonging to UP and also a former legislator have received alarming Whatsapp messages to deposit 10 lakh in bitcoin account that have come from a USA-registered number.

The message has stated a ransom of Rs.10 lakh from MLA belonging to MLAs from Bulandshahr, Badayun, Sitapur, Shahjahanpur, Gonda, Bareilly, Kanpur Dehat, Barabanki and Lucknow. The messages are written in Devanagari script.

According to the latest findings, the person sending the messages is Ali Baba Budhesh. He is a helper of Dawood Ibrahim associated with him in extortion business.

The message stated the following

“I am not here for long chats with you. I am Ali Budhesh Bhai. If you want safety of yourself and family then arrange for Rs 10 lakh within three days. I know you won’t arrange for money until you will one of your family members dead. My man is near you, don’t waste time.” The extortionist has given a Bitcoin account number on being asked about the account where the ransom needs to be deposited.

Now, the investigation on this case is being handled by ATS with STF. Spokesperson of UP Government, Shrikant Sharma said, “Investigation will be done at all levels and no one will be spared if found guilty.”

Shashank Trivedi, MLA of Maholi (Sitapur) has filed an FIR at Mahanagar Police Station located in Lucknow. Shashank had received a Whatsapp message around 2:30 am in midnight of Tuesday starting. The FIR covers three sections on Indian Penal Code namely “IPC sections 384 for extortion, 507 for criminal intimidation through text messages and section 66 of Information Technology Act”, as said Vikas Pandey, the inspector of Mahanagar police station.
Deputy inspector general (DIG) Praveen Kumar stated, “Local police teams and UP Special Task Force unit are probing the incident. The threats given to the MLAs were being reviewed and their security would be increased, if required. Primarily it seems some mischievous element is behind this entire episode.”​

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