China Police seizes 600 computers in a cryptocurrency mining case 7145
Bitcoin News
Akriti Mathur
Apr 25, 2018 at 1:11 PM


Recently, Police has seized 600 computers that were being used for mining bitcoin at Tianjin. Tianjin is located in China. 

The incident has been tracked and reported after the power grid operator Xinhua had noticed about abnormal electricity usage. 

Xinhua stated about the incident saying, “Eight high-power fans were also seized.” He also stated that it was the “largest power theft case in recent years.” Although there is no information about when the Police confiscated the equipments. 

Five persons are being interrogated and one has been detained in this case. 

Earlier China’s central bank had informed an internet finance group for regulating the bitcoin miners usage by reducing their production. 



Image via Shutterstock