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Akriti Mathur
Apr 17, 2018 at 12:46 PM

A generic view about Cryptocurrency usage is in trading. But with time, startups and companies are coming with innovative solutions to deal with cryptocurrency. Following similar steps is a company called is an online market place based in Amerstdam. The founder of the company is James Klymowsky. The online portal now accepts digital currency in exchange of goods. They accept different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. Within May it is going to offer cars to be purchased with Cryptocurrency throughout European Union.

The startup tweeted saying this,


According to Klymowsky, “We realised that we have a lot of consumers who hold digital currencies but have no place to spend them. So we expanded our crowd buying for this community. The crypto markets can drop if there's a lack of general purpose application. With our platform, we see a real opportunity to provide real utility.”

The startup's aim is to create a decentralized shopping mode. “AI enables us to cut out the middle men - big advertisers who are getting our data for nothing - and even start paying users for sharing the things that they want. It's your data and you own it, so you should get paid for it,” stated Klymowsky.

Klymowsky is heading his start up in a new direction. He wants the data not to be controlled by any company. He stated, “Our ambition is to scale and become decentralised in order provide our AI and crowd buying capability to everyone everywhere -- even one day cutting out itself.”

It is being said that customers will get paid for their data on Peddler. Furthermore, using the website they can pay for the product without any middleman. The savings will go back the customers' pockets.



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