GoldCrypto’s unique initiative against theft for their cryptocurrency 4893
Akriti Mathur
Apr 17, 2018 at 6:05 PM


GoldCrypto has come up with a unique solution for securing cryptocurrency against thefts. GoldCrypto is guaranteeing its customers replacement of stolen tokens in case of hacking. 

GoldCrypto offers a digital AUX token backed by pre-purchased physical gold. The token has 50% premium in gold that increments with time. 

GoldCrypto tweeted,

The security initiative for GoldCrypto is being implemented by CryptoSecure platform. The platform is said to initiate fruitful steps against theft, making the token worthless. 

GoldCryto is said to have already purchased more than 13,000 ounces of gold from Key Capital Corporation. The Key Capital Mining Division team will look after gold production and processing will take place at Scottsdale Mint. The gold will be finally stored into Gold Crypto vaults. 

GoldCrypto AuX tokens key features are given bellow:

  • “Safe and secure. If hacked (unlikely), stolen GoldCrypto AuX tokens are replaced
  • Backed by physical gold – starting at over US$0.30 in value per token
  • A better than gold-standard cryptocurrency
  • Gold backing continually increasing
  • Transparent blockchain
  • Decentralized and nationless
  • AuX tokens exchangeable for physical gold
  • Better than Bitcoin – AuX, the future of money”

Pre-ICO processes for GoldCrypto have started now!


Image via Shutterstock