IOVO, the suggested reform by Brittany Kaiser in context to the Cambridge Analytica case 6611
Akriti Mathur
Apr 19, 2018 at 11:24 AM

Mark Zuckerberg has been attending law proceedings for the Cambridge Analytica case. It is being said that more than 87 million people's data was gathered by Cambridge Analytica via Facebook. 

Brittany Kaiser had spoken about the Cambridge Analytica process of extracting data in front of the press committee. She said that “Cambridge Analytica had a suite of personality quizzes” that are designed to extract data from social networks. video 

Three months back Kaiser was a director at program development at Cambridge Analytica firm. She is suggesting a new project to be undertaken. The project is called “IOVO (Internet of Value Omnlidger)”. IOVO is a blockchain based platform. This platform is made to “give back the personal ownership and control over one’s data.” It also enables users to sell that data for money.

Kaiser has also made statements to media of her prior experience at Cambridge Analytica. She stated about her own reckoning with the wrong usage of personal data. She stated, “For many years, I didn’t question it.” Furthermore, she added, “The use of data for political purposes wasn’t invented by Cambridge Analytica”, stating the facts about Obama 2008 campaign. The Obama campaign had used Facebook data to target specific voters with advertisements. But she is in full support of the facts that personal data of any person is their own property and should be protected. 

In addition to this, she spoke about the #DeleteFacebook campaign going on. She stated, “I’m not a fan of the #DeleteFacebook campaign,” she said. “I think that they can reform.”

Brittany Kaiser has also worked as a Business Development Director for Cambridge Analytica. She is currently the Co-founder of Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA).



Image via Bloomberg