Nebulas founder expresses about “LLVM” as a promising blockchain solution  6669
Akriti Mathur
Apr 20, 2018 at 11:35 AM


At 2018 European LLVM Developers’ Meeting, Robin Zhong, Nebulas founder has presented his idea of implementing LLVM within blockchains. The title of the speech was ‘LLVM x Blockchain, A New Ecosystem of Decentralized Applications’ in the conference. The conference was date was April 16-17, 2018 at Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre, Bristol, UK. 

Nebulas had earlier shared some important information of LLVM to the source. Nebulas stated, “LLVM is a main component of the Nebulas Virtual Machine.We have proposed several open problems in blockchain that need to be addressed and that are potentially solvable with LLVM tools. We are also sharing our work on how to use LLVM to build a smart contract execution engine. As an LLVM Foundation sponsor, Nebulas hopes to bring more developers to the LLVM community, and we also call on the LLVM community to develop LLVM within blockchain.”

The LLVM project is composed of compiler and toolchain technologies. Its objective is to support static and dynamic compilation of programming languages. 

Sources states, Nebulas posted a gist about the LLVM Developers’ Meeting earlier, "To advance the field of compilers and tools, the LLVM Foundation holds two LLVM Developers’ Meeting events, one in San Francisco Bay Area and one in Europe. These meetings serve as a forum for LLVM, Clang, LLDB and other LLVM project developers and users to get acquainted with and learn about LLVM, and exchange ideas about LLVM and its (potential) applications. This conference in Bristol, UK, will be be held over the course of two days and feature technical talks, hackers labs, tutorials, among other events.”

The meeting covered about the importance of LLVM to different important technology projects. Compiler used in the Nebulas Virtual Machine boosts smart contracts that are present in the Nebulas blockchain. LLVM is widely accepted amongst blockchain industries. But Robin shared his view about the compiler framework. He believes that compiler framework can transform blockchain space. He stated, “LLVM is to blockchain technology what 4G is to mobile technology.”

Nebulas is a “next generation public blockchain” whose objective is to enhance the ecosystem. 


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