New Zealand based “Centrality” taking progressive steps to build data privacy solutions 6913
Akriti Mathur
Apr 23, 2018 at 5:04 PM
A tech startup from New Zealand “Centrality” is gradually developing exhaustive data privacy solutions. Centrality is a peer to peer marketplace for applications. It is backed by investors globally.
Sources states that they are having their conversations with Government and banks. The company works with Blockchain technology and is attracting a lot of investors.
Chief executive of Centrality Aaron McDonald said that company’s value is growing. He stated, "You could say we are worth $690 million, roughly.”
McDonald further stated, “We’re doing a lot of cool things, new things - kind of inventing this wave of technology and the way the internet could work in the future.”
Centrality’s project is still under process and is called as "an identity project” that aims to give an unhackable identity for their citizens. McDonald stated, “The idea behind that you don't have to trust a central agency or a tech company with that identity information it's yours, it's locked with your key on the blockchain.”
The Department of Internal Affairs have confirmed their discussions with Centrality.
Centrality is valued as worth $388 million in the global cryptocurrency market. It has shown drastic growth from zero to $21 million, again from $132 million and now $388 million from last year.
Centrality office locations spread across Auckland, London, Melbourne and Singapore.
Image via Shutterstock