Reno targets to make marriage blockchain official 7538
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Roshni Vayyapuri
Apr 28, 2018 at 3:38 PM

Now the marriages in the US will be registered with the help of a blockchain. American town of Reno (Nevada) is testing this new service. Sources report that the technology of this ledger system will be tested in the local municipality. The technology is tested for the purpose of translating the documents circulation into digital form. Brian Sandoval, the governor of the state of Nevada, the local governments were pretty interested in implementing the ledger technology last year in June last year. After this, the government bills were signed for the introduction of blockchain into the infrastructure of the region.

By implementing distributed ledger technology, the Nevada state administration aims to reduce the time taken for the public services that is to be delivered also to improve the data storage security. Now the registration of marriages will be much easier and quicker and allows couples for an accelerated certification that too without out having to reach office. The legal marriage document data are stored in the blocks of Ethereum network.

This distributive register will help to recover fake and corrupted documents also this system will enable high security for the legal government documents from any unauthorized changes. The technology in this field promises very high expectations to the people around the globe.


Image sources: Shutterstock