Latest political crisis in Nepal: Political crisis in Nepal: KP Oli, pro-India, could join the Nepalese Congress

After the Communist Party of China returned empty-handed from Nepal, the country’s Prime Minister KP Sharma is now preparing to give Oli Dragon another blow. The deal appears to be between Sher Bahadur Deuba and Oli, the leader of the Nepalese Congress. If the Supreme Court of Nepal rejects the Prime Minister’s decision to dissolve parliament, Oli can now form a new government led by Deuba, giving Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda a heavy blow.

The Nepalese Congress has traditionally been seen as a pro-Indian party, while China has insisted on maintaining unity within the Communist Party of Nepal. According to a report in Kathmandu, a leader of a women’s organization associated with the Communist Party of Nepal said that Oli gave a clear indication of an alliance with the Nepalese Congress. While agreeing to a women’s organization memorandum, Oli said the possibility of restoring parliament was slim. She asked the women leaders to prepare for the election.
Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said – how fierce Mahabharata Dhritarashtra is
“ The Nepalese will form the government in turn with the Congress ”
The woman said in response to a question about the status of the Parliament being restored, Oli said that a coalition government would be formed under Deuba. Oli said: “We will form a government in our turn with the Nepalese Congress until the elections are held.” Meanwhile, Prime Minister Oli stressed that the restoration of Parliament was impossible, but he clarified his future position. Suspicion that the two are reuniting is growing as Oli’s parliament has not been re-established and opposition to the Nepalese Congress is not involved in joint protests.

However, a section of the Nepalese Congress headed by Ram Chandra Paudel openly criticized party chairman Deuba. Poudel says that Ollie isn’t opposing Ollie’s move as strongly as he should. Deuba has been the party chairman since 2017 and will run again for the post of chairman in the elections that will take place next month. The dissolution of Parliament by Oli became a boon for Deuba. He has laddoos in both hands.
Political crisis in Nepal: KP Oli leaves China, Dragon pledges to support the pro-Indian Nepalese Congress
Sher Bahadur Deuba is Oli’s most reliable
In fact, if the Supreme Court re-establishes the Parliament, Deuba can become Prime Minister, while if the election takes place, the election for the post of Speaker of the Nepalese Congress can be postponed. The Nepalese Congress is optimistic that with the official separation of the Nepalese Communist Party, there is every chance that the party will rise to power. According to sources in the Nepalese Congress, since the crisis increased in the Nepalese Communist Party, the meeting of Oli and Deuba has intensified. Deuba’s activities over the past three years have shown him to be Oli’s most reliable. Some also say that the Oli Janata Samajbadi party can also be brought in with the Nepalese Congress.

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