Latest video inside Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala 402 singing farewell song: Latest video of nine men from Indonesian submarine KRI Nangla 402 singing farewell song

The Indonesian Navy released the latest video of its KRI Nangla 402 submerged in the sea a few days ago. In this touching video, the submarine is seen singing the song Naval Farewell in the submarine. The video was shot a few weeks before the crash, in which Indonesian navies sing a hit Indonesian song called Sampai Jampa.

The submarine was submerged during a torpedo exercise on Wednesday
KRI Nangla, an Indonesian Navy submarine, disappeared in the sea near Bali during a torpedo exercise ahead of a maneuver last Wednesday. After four days of searching on Sunday, the Navy confirmed the sinking of the submarine and reported the deaths of 53 Marines. The navy said it had found three pieces of a submarine on the surface of the sea. The cause of the sinking of the submarine has not yet been established.

Commander singing the farewell song with the crew
In the viral video, Submarine Commander Harry Octavian is seen playing guitar with his crew. Her song lyrics were “Even though I’m not ready to miss you, I’m not ready to live without you. I wish you all the best.”

That’s why the navy sang this song
Indonesian Navy spokesman Dijvara Vihenbo said KRI Nangla Marines recorded the song to say goodbye to the Navy Submarine Corps commander. What he knew was that it would be the last song for him. Meanwhile, the Navy launched a special operation to evacuate the bodies of its Marines from a submerged submarine.

800 meters deep submerged in water
The submarine is submerged to a depth of 800 meters. In such a situation, special resources are needed to achieve and rescue it. DSRVs used in submarine rescue operations are also capable of performing well at depths of 700 to 750 meters. Therefore, with the help of special equipment, the cause of the evacuation of the naval corps and the sinking of the submarine is being investigated.

Indonesia told all crew the best patriot
President Joko Widodo announced government aid, calling the crew members of the submerged submarine better patriots. It also includes financial aid for the education of navy children. The Indonesian government also plans to honor the families of all martyred Marines. The families of these marines gathered by the seaside in Bali to pay homage to the martyrs.

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