Latest video of Galwan Valley clash: China released never-before-seen video of Galwan violence, see how Indochinese soldiers clashed – watch China posted never-before-seen video of Galwan valley clash Galwan between the Indian army and the soldiers of the Pla

The Chinese dragon, who ambushed Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh, has now released video of the previously unknown incident. In this video of about 48 seconds, Indian soldiers are seen taking the front line in the icy waters of the Galvan Valley and giving a dignified response to the Chinese army’s stone bombardments. In this video, the face-to-face between the soldiers of the two countries is also visible.

The video broadcast on a Chinese TV station speaks with the family of the PLA Jawhan killed in the violence in Galwan. Meanwhile, China has also released previously unseen video footage of the Galwan violence. We see in the video that there was a fierce clash and stone throwing between the Indian and Chinese military. It is seen in part of the video that some Chinese soldiers were unable to cope in the strong current of the Galwan River and were swept away.

Chinese soldiers stand at high altitude and throw stones at Indian soldiers standing in the middle of the water in the Galvan Valley. Some scenes from the night of the violence were also shown in this video. Indian soldiers are seen in the video standing in front of the Chinese army armed with sticks and sharp weapons. Seeing the video, it appears that the Indian soldiers gave a dignified response to the Chinese military in very difficult situations.

China had previously claimed that 4 of its soldiers were killed in the violence on the night of June 15, but later increased their number to 5. According to intelligence estimates, 40 to 45 Chinese soldiers were killed in this violence. At the same time, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the violence in Galwan. In the Galvan Valley, Chinese soldiers ambushed Indian soldiers and attacked them with barbed rods. The Chinese military has also accused the Indian military of violating the terms of the previous agreement.

The Chinese military paid tribute to soldiers killed by Indian soldiers in the Galvan Valley recently and also released a video. China had also given the names of the soldiers killed. They are Chen Hongjun, Chen Xiangrong, Xiao Siyuan, Wang Zhuoran. The Chinese military said these soldiers gave their lives defending national sovereignty and their land. A battalion commander and three soldiers were among the Chinese soldiers killed. The commander of the Chinese army regiment was seriously injured during the conflict.

Qi Faibao, the regiment commander of his Xinjiang PLA military command, who was seriously killed by the brave soldiers of India, had boasted in the past that if the army is compared to a sharp sword , then the courage and righteousness of the soldiers is the edge of the sword. We are not afraid of sacrifice and we have always maintained the belief that we would rather sacrifice our lives than lose an inch of our territory.

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