Launch a digital accessibility awareness and training campaign

Digital accessibility means that any user, any citizen, can access and use digital information and services effectively, regardless of their personal circumstances. By preparing the format and content of digital information and using supportive tools, people with lifelong illnesses such as disabilities or reduced abilities (for example, due to aging) can avoid exclusion not to access digital information which is already essential to everyday life. This digital information adequacy also benefits those who temporarily cannot display their full capabilities when interacting with technology: for example, due to a hand injury or a noisy environment or with reflections on the screen. ‘screen.

The National Reference Center for Information and Communication Technologies, assigned to the Information and Communication Technologies Training Center in Madrid, with the support of the Public Employment Service of the State of Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, launched an awareness and training campaign on digital accessibility to all ICT users. On the occasion of European Directive 2016/2102 and its implementation in Spain through RD 1112/2018 which requires all digital files and information of public administrations or services or projects funded with money public are digitally accessible, it is essential the collaboration of all those who generate and manage documents and files. Although the work of technicians is essential to making and maintaining accessible designs, for example, on websites, this effort is wasted if the documents and included content are not accessible. It is not possible for technicians to follow and adapt all files, it must be the users themselves who create common documents, presentations, videos or other content that help make them accessible,

The campaign consists of various outreach resources such as the list of videos on the YouTube channel of the National Reference Center for IT Development and Communications, some moderated by experts in digital accessibility that show very practical and understandable aspects for everyone. ICT user. It also offers the opportunity to train with a free online course that addresses aspects of digital accessibility that facilitate user input: accessibility fundamentals, word processing documents, PDFs, presentations, videos and more. multimedia, web content and email. As has been proven in the pilot editions and other consulting team training actions, this course only requires users to have mid-level digital skills to benefit from it. This course is of particular interest to public employees and managers and teachers of the centers although it is useful for any ICT user.

Until now, accessibility was a moral obligation to avoid digital exclusion, but now it is also a legal obligation in the public sphere and, in the years to come, also for many private entities through the directive 2019/882.

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