launch a platform allowing employees to evaluate the effort and work of their colleagues

Discover the innovative platform that recognizes the activity and effort of workers

The most “ real ” evaluation in companies: they launch a platform that allows employees to evaluate the effort and work of their colleagues

Nationale-Nederlanden, a company belonging to the NN Group, launched its employee recognition plan at the end of 2020. The plan, which is part of the Nationale-Nederlanden Espaa total reward policy, aims to create a corporate culture in which value of the person and their contribution to the team are rewarded as a means of promoting, supporting and retaining talent.

To this end, Nationale-Nederlanden has launched a Plan which includes an easy-to-access platform for its employees, available in an application for mobile phones and computers, from which to access the recognition program based on congratulations and delivery / obtaining points among colleagues. . And this is the key point of the plan, it is the colleagues themselves who award the prizes.

Innovation and recognition of the employees themselves

On the one hand, the individual program “For you”. Nationale-Nederlanden employees can recognize the actions of their colleagues when they have demonstrated their commitment to the values ​​of the company. An innovative attitude and / or demonstrating a great knowledge of the company, its functioning and its processes, and how to better use them to obtain good results, is also recognized, as well as the identification of ways to improve them.

On the other hand, in the collective program “For the team”, it is the managers of each department who recognize the results and the efforts of the team. Each of them can propose a maximum of two projects meeting certain criteria: which embody the values ​​of the company, demonstrate a positive and active attitude towards change and / or demonstrate an extraordinary effort. Actions that ultimately have an impact on the organization and strategy of the company, on revenues or on innovation.

A reward system has been established for these programs. On an individual basis, those with the highest number of points receive, in addition to public recognition, a vanity bonus and a personalized digital certificate. While, in the collective category, members of the winning teams receive a personalized gift and perks such as extra vacation days and team experiences.

Continuous improvement and excellence of the employee experience

The first edition of the initiative, concluded a few weeks ago, was a success for the company, as it was only in the first week that over 1,000 votes were cast, reaching 3,625 in total, two months after its launch. Thanks to this warm welcome from all employees, Nationale-Nederlanden is already working on a second edition which will begin next March, taking into account the suggestions received during the last edition so that this desire for continuous improvement can materialize. employee experience.

“At Nationale-Nederlanden, we wanted to launch this initiative differently, because sometimes when we see that a colleague has done a good job or made a remarkable effort, we take it for granted and say nothing. This new way of giving feedback and recognizing is always an injection of self-esteem because it encourages behaviors that have an impact, directly or indirectly, on better care and better satisfaction ”, declared Marije Scholma, Deputy Managing Director and Director of Employee Experience at Nationale -Nederlanden.

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