Laundry detergent nasa tide for space

A major problem for astronauts preparing to fly from the Moon to Mars is about to be resolved. Astronauts will no longer have to worry about getting their clothes dirty. In fact, the US space agency NASA is going to make the world’s first soap for cleaning clothes in space. To do this, NASA has teamed up with the giant company Tide, which makes laundry soap. The deal between NASA and Tide says the space agency will take Tide’s cleaning soap to space for testing next year. Tell us what NASA’s “Mission Soap” is and how it makes it.

Traveling from the Moon to Mars will be easy

Michael Robert, Acting Chief Scientist of the International Space Station, said that by using private sector space stations correctly, such product methods can be tested in space, which is not possible on Earth. . This will increase the quality of their current products and include the business model of working on the ground and in low earth orbit. Currently, the clothes of astronauts must be returned to Earth where they are destroyed. Providing clean clothes for astronauts has always been a challenge due to the limitations of sending goods into space. On the other hand, if you have to go to the Moon or Mars, it will not be possible to send specific clothes to astronauts from Earth. For example, the trip to Mars can take about two to three years. If this experiment is successful, it will be a great success in the direction of future space missions.

73 kg of fabric for each astronaut

Another major challenge would be the lack of water during the trip to Mars. Not only this, the things from which the clothes of astronauts will be cleaned, it is necessary to be safe so that after cleaning the astronauts can drink during their trip. In such a situation, NASA now wants to embark on the mission of cleaning the clothes in space itself. To cope with these challenges, astronauts wear the same clothes several times in the space station. Then they change it. Because of this, their clothes start to smell or get dirty. Each year, NASA sends approximately 73 kg of tissue to the space station for each astronaut. It is expensive to send it. NASA believes that if Tide or other companies succeed in making soap, instead of destroying the clothes used by astronauts, they will be washed and NASA will take great relief.

The stains will be removed, you can drink the remaining water

On the other hand, Tide said its soap designed for use in space is completely degradable. Hence, it can remove odors and stains. In addition, the water that remains after this cleaning can be cleaned again and drunk. Along with the material that will be sent to the space station next year, the Tide team will test the operation of the cleaning element between weightlessness in space and the radiation of the sun’s rays. The soap that cleans the tide spots will be sent to the space station. NASA and Tide have also said they will find out if this technology will work for the Moon and Mars missions. Tide said it will help make soap that is safe on earth in the future, which will save the environment from pollution.

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