laws on the taliban in afghanistan: return of the “taliban rule”, homosexuals will suffer a horrible death, thieves will cut their hands: judge

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Afghanistan appears to be on its way to brutal Taliban rule again Taliban fighters brutally shoot Afghan soldiers to death Taliban judges have revealed Islamic Sharia law would apply under their Kabul regime
Afghanistan once again appears to be on the way to brutal Taliban rule. Taliban fighters brutally kill Afghan soldiers and claim to have captured 85% of the country’s territory. Meanwhile, several Taliban judges have revealed that under their rule, Islamic Sharia law would now apply and that homosexuals would suffer horrific deaths.

Taliban judges said homosexuals would be killed when demolishing a wall. A Taliban judge has made such revelations about such punishment that hearts will be shocked to hear. Judge Gul Rahim told German newspaper Bild that the hands and feet of criminals would be amputated as punishment for theft. In addition, women in Taliban-controlled areas in central Afghanistan will need to obtain a permit to leave the house.
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“Our aim is to apply Sharia sanctions throughout Afghanistan”
Judge Rahim said that if the Taliban took over the whole country after leaving America, then our goal would be to apply Sharia sanctions throughout Afghanistan. He said: ‘This is our goal and it always will be.’ With the Taliban occupying most of Afghanistan, the threat of Sharia law is now clearly visible in the country.

Referring to a recent verdict, Rahim said that after receiving a ring from the house from one person to another, he ordered the condemned man’s hands to be cut off. He said I also asked the owner of the ring if the culprit’s legs should be cut as well, but the owner said cutting off the hand would be enough. In another order, Rahim ordered the death penalty for members of a gang involved in the kidnapping.
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“Death by stoning or hanging for serious crimes”
The Taliban judge said, “Depending on the crime, we start with the knuckles or the fingers. In serious crimes, we cut off the wrist, the elbow or the upper part of the hand. At the same time, only in very serious crimes, the death penalty is pronounced by stoning or hanging. Regarding the punishment of homosexuals, Rahim said that they would either be killed by stone throwing or a wall would fall on them. This wall should definitely be 8 to 10 feet high.

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