Lawyers, data analysts, digital marketers … Spring Professional is looking for 500 professionals across Spain

Lawyers, data analysts, digital marketers … Spring Professional is looking for 500 professionals across Spain

A few days ago, the Adecco Group Institute, study and dissemination center of the Adecco group, presented the latest data on unemployment: the number of unemployed in our country stands at 3,964,353 people, which represents an increase annual 710,500 unemployed (+ 21.8%), and it should be remembered that 739,000 workers are still at ERTE.

The COVID-19-derived crisis has had devastating consequences on the labor market: in Spain, one million jobs have been cut (reaching an unemployment rate of 17%), and two million self-employed and more than 130,000 companies are gone. The third wave of infections, the slow pace of vaccination and severe restrictions make economic recovery difficult, but despite this there is some positive news. “For the next month of February, a slight monthly increase in registrations is finally expected (18.89 million; -1.8% over one year) and a slight drop in unemployment, after the increases in December and January”, predicts Javier Blasco, director of the Adecco Group Institute.

On the side of hiring and job offers, many sectors and profiles have been affected by the pandemic, but others have changed or increased their demand.

In this context, Spring Professional, the consultancy firm for the selection of middle, middle and senior executives of the Adecco group, offers more than 500 permanent jobs throughout Spain in different business sectors.

Adecco Group’s selection consultancy firm is currently seeking vacancies ranging from lawyers, private banking partners, data scientists, data analysts, digital marketers or salespeople to accountants, tax specialists, product managers, engineers. in different specialties, DUE, gynecologists or traumatologists, project managers, among others, among others.

Profiles which can be very different in terms of their training and their specificities but which all share a common denominator: to be strategic and to be adapted – or to be able to do it quickly – to the uncertainty that 2021 still implies in many aspects of work.

Sectors with the most job offers

The sectors that offer the most jobs and which account for the majority of these 500 vacancies are IT, industry, sales and marketing, finance and legal, and life sciences.

During the year 2020, the profiles of the information and communication technologies sector have increased their importance in job vacancies, until they become the most requested only behind health professionals. It is estimated that 8% of the total jobs created between March and May were in the IT field. In 2021, there is a strong supply of professionals who help companies carry out the digital transformation they need and profiles related to Big Data and cybersecurity will also be particularly valued. Some of the most offered positions in this sector are Engineers, DevOps, Programmers, Systems and Networks or Support Technicians, Fullstack Developers, Fronted Developers, Java Developers, Consultants, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Architect …

The industry is experiencing a very positive rebound in offers, since in 2020 it was one of the sectors with the highest full stop rate and where there were a higher number of layoffs. The pandemic has revealed the fragility of our industry compared to other countries and, above all, the need to accelerate its digital transformation. Companies are now forced to optimize their structures with the help of technology if they want to be more productive and competitive. The adoption of digitalization in industry offers new technical profiles from STEM careers and with training in systems integration, automation, operations management and data analysis experts to improve industrial facilities. Engineers (Industrial, Hydraulic, Electrical Design, Commercial …), SAT Technicians, Coordinators, Sales representatives, Operations Directors, Plant Directors, Site Directors … are some of the positions offered by Spring Professional, in fields as diverse as energy, logistics and the agricultural sector.

The Sales & Marketing sector, thanks above all to e-commerce, has been one of the few areas to benefit from the emergency situation we have been going through for months. Marketing automation (programmatic marketing) and Big Data are at the heart of this field, so companies in the sector are offering more engineers, digital marketers, sales and sales managers, product managers, business developers, salespeople, KAM …

In Finance & Legal, the main challenge is to continue to automate and improve work processes which remain very manual. In this area, the crisis caused by the pandemic has increased the supply of specialized professionals such as lawyers, financial analysts, private banking partners, prosecutors, auditors, accountants, and tax specialists, labor, legal advisers, banks …

The life sciences sector has shown great strength since the onset of COVID-19 and is one of the fastest growing sectors over the past year, which has highlighted the need to protect health workers and invest more in research. at the cutting edge of science. For many experts, this is one of the sectors that can drive the economic recovery of our country. The most offered position is that of nurse but there are a large number of medical specialties on offer such as: Gynecology, Urologist, Pediatrician, Psychiatrist, Ophthalmologist, Traumatologist, Dermatologist or Occupational Medicine.

Offer by region

If we look at the geographical distribution of employment, the regions with the best resources are, as usual, the Community of Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country and the Valencian Community.

The Community of Madrid offers 160 intermediate, intermediate or managerial positions, which include positions such as: OpenShift Administrator, Digital Marketing Specialist, Technical Director, Site Manager, Sales Director, Senior NPL, Hydraulic Engineer, Industrial Plant Engineer, Sales Technical engineer, SW .Net engineer …

With 110 active job offers, Catalonia is followed by, with vacant positions such as Collaborating Bank Agent, ICU Nurse, Control Engineer, Technical Sales Engineer, Senior Scientist, SAT Technician, Purchasing Manager, Senior Auditor, Advisor / a Fiscal, Senior Java Developer. ..

In the Basque Country, 55 positions are available such as nurse, regional sales manager, Java programmer, HVAC project manager, graphic designer for the web and digital environment, dermatologist, digital marketing manager, Java software engineer, occupational physician, manager of technology (CTO) …

For its part, the Valencian Community has 40 job offers as diverse as: Navision Consultant, Export Zone Manager, Full Stack Developer Analyst / Java Developer, Lean Manufacturing Engineer, Legal Manager, Prestashop Programmer, Sales Representative, Assembly Manager , Plant Manager, Front End Developer …

Although these are the autonomous regions with the most available offers, they are not the only ones. Spring Professional also selects talents in areas such as Zaragoza, Pontevedra, A Corua, Mlaga, Cdiz, Cordoba, Las Palmas, Toledo, Murcia, Burgos, Len, Valladolid, Asturias, Cantabria, Navarre …

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