Laya assures that the government is ready to listen to Morocco on the Sahara but within the framework of the UN

Posted: Sunday June 20 2021 11:05 AM

Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya said on Sunday that Spain is ready to “consider any solution” Morocco offers on the Sahara, provided it falls within the framework of the United Nations.

“We want a negotiated solution within the framework of the United Nations. In this context, we are ready to consider any solution that Morocco proposes, knowing that mediation does not correspond to Spain, since this role must be played by the United Nations. Nations “, emphasizes González Laya in an interview published by La Vanguardia.

In this sense, the Minister recalls that Spain shares with the United States that the solution on the Sahara “must be promoted” by the United Nations. “And we agree (with the United States) also for this line to be revitalized, always with the greatest respect for Morocco,” he adds.

He assures us that, from Spain, “we have always been extremely careful” because “we fully understand that Morocco is very sensitive on this issue, so that” this respectful attitude includes not wanting to influence the position that the United States could adopt. . ”

In the interview, the minister also comments on relations between Spain and Morocco after the massive influx of immigrants to Ceuta in mid-May. “A month ago, we entered a crisis that we absolutely did not want and from which, of course, we want to get out as quickly as possible. We will work to create a space of trust from which the relationship can be redirected. requires a lot of caution on my part, ”said the Minister, who did not give more details in the name of this caution.

When asked if Spain is considering asking the European agency Frontex to join in the work of border surveillance in the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, she explains that she is in the process of assessing whether “It is opportune to integrate, even partially, the Frontex agency in the surveillance of the European Union’s borders in Ceuta and Melilla”, even if “nothing will be done without consensus with the authorities of the two cities”.

Europe has a “positive attitude” towards graces

In the same interview, Laya also underlines that the European authorities have “a positive attitude” towards graces, as they can “facilitate harmony and stability”.

In the same way, the minister indicated that she detects in her European colleagues “respect and understanding” with the situation of the Government vis-a-vis the situation in Catalonia.

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