Leadership, companies’ antidote to social uncertainty

A recent internal study by talent consultancy firm Brandty reveals the main problems faced by businesses in our province during the Covid period. Guzmn Martnez, Managing Director of Brandty tells us that in particular three are seen above the others:

The feeling of inaction in decision-making is reinforced in companies, postponing them to the future (“when it happens”). It is detected that CEOs and CEOs focus much more on operational (short term) goals, ignoring the emphasis on strategic business goals. A study indicates that 7 out of 10 companies write only operational objectives, and that they disguise them as strategic. This generates an effect that the company is running at 50% of its power (as if we were using only one engine in an airplane). Finally, we detected that even in companies that grew during the pandemic because they were in a sector that benefited from it, and which even increased their workforce thanks to the recruitment services, there was a dizzying effect on the employees. executives who were in charge.

Faced with all these circumstances, Guzmn Martnez tells us that “in the face of more uncertainty, more leadership is needed in companies. Leadership is the best antidote to uncertainty. This study has led us to start and generate an unprecedented managerial training program in our region, with three of the top management leaders at the national level (Fernando Botella, Juan Carlos Cubeiro and Fabin Villena) ”.

Keys to succeeding in these uncertain times

Fernando Botella, CEO of Think & Action, believes that “the main difference for some companies in the same market and the same type of customers to succeed, and others not, is mainly in the constant questioning of their status quo, c ‘that is, in focusing and developing disruptive thinking and continuous innovation ”.

For his part, Juan Carlos Cubeiro, president of About My Brain Institute tells us that in these times Mega VUCA (convulsive, uncertain, volatile and ambiguous) requires clarity of ideas and execution, which represents 90% of The strategy. Inspirational, inclusive, intuitive and imaginative leadership will be the one that will mark these new times.

Finally, Fabin Villena, CEO of the Positive Attitudes Institute tells us that “according to a recent survey of more than 10,000 senior leaders, 97% considered that the most important behavior to be a good leader was strategic thinking, and that paradoxically even 96% of those surveyed never found the time to think strategically. The keys are to organize our time better and to have the right mental disposition to make the right decisions, thanks to an intelligent positive attitude ”.

Cristina Mulero, CEO of Brandty expresses “the need to develop new skills in our managers, to successfully overcome the new challenges of this era, and confirms the success, already upstream, of this training intended for the main managers of our companies. “.

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