Leadership, entrepreneurship … A new exclusive community for founders and CEOs is launched

Leadership, entrepreneurship … A new exclusive community for founders and CEOs is launched

The circle of trust model relies on regular meetings facilitated to share experiences and address organizational challenges in an environment of maximum confidentiality.

BY RRHHDigital, 14:45 – 16 June 2021

WeTribu, the exclusive community of founders, owners and CEOs, was created by serial entrepreneurs Toms Andreu and Gonzalo Mguez with the aim of providing the space and tools for business leaders to help each other overcome your challenges. challenges and identify new opportunities.

WeTribu also offers CEOs regular support through its own model which includes periodic meetings with peers, one-on-one follow-up sessions with an expert coach, access to audio-visual content and webinars with high-profile speakers and connection. permanent with members of the community via a technological platform.

According to Toms Andreu, co-founder of WeTribu, “we detected that in Spain there was not a company that met the need that many owners, founders and CEOs must be able to alleviate the weight and the loneliness. inherent to direct and improve decision-making by sharing regularly in pairs “

The current situation of Covid19 has produced an acceleration in the transformation of organizations, which have been forced to be more agile and flexible. This fact has confronted business leaders with a new reality that they must approach with different strategies to anticipate post-pandemic challenges. “In difficult and changing times, sharing with people who are going through similar situations, who can understand and understand the challenges and complexities of their position, allows us to integrate other perspectives and facilitate decision-making”, supports Andreu. .

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