Leading national and international companies trust WellWo and bet on health and well-being

Leading national and international companies trust WellWo and bet on health and well-being

Leading companies from different sectors have decided to choose WellWo to promote occupational health practices in their companies

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 29 March 2021

WellWo is expanding its client portfolio with companies from various industries such as Naturgy, a company that operates in the electricity and gas sector. Balearia, dedicated to maritime transport. Carglass, experts in the repair and replacement of automotive glass. Novartis pharmacy or the Coruesa brand, Estrella Galicia, among others.

All are aware of the health of their employees and care actively and continuously for the health of their employees, creating healthy working environments and promoting good habits in and outside the working environment. They do this by addressing the four essential pillars of global health: physical, emotional, nutritional and environmental health; the latter, in support of the CSR department.

For this reason, WellWo has tailored the healthy platform to the look and feel of each business. In this way, users perceive audiovisual content as an internal development of the company itself, which serves and cares for its team of employees. Aspect that increases employee engagement with your business, adding that they feel healthier and happier.

For companies, setting up a health and well-being at work platform allowing their workers to train their health represents a reduction in absenteeism by up to 36%, higher productivity, a good working environment and a better image of the company.

In the words of Orlando Prez, CEO of the company, “we feel very lucky to have been chosen by large companies to bet on the health of their businesses.” Orlando Prez, explains the interest in investing in employees: “According to studies by the European Network for Promotion and Health at Work, for each euro invested in promoting employee health, the company recovers between 2, 5 and 4.8 euros in compensation for absenteeism at work ”.

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