Leaked UFO Alien Photo: The US Army Draws Images of “Flying Saucer”, Alien Base Under the Sea! – US Army spotted aliens mysterious UFO cube and triangle-shaped objects over the Atlantic

The US military is seen flying a mysterious cube-shaped object over the Atlantic Ocean. Two leaked secret reports from the US Department of Defense on UFOs have revealed footage of this mysterious thing. In a leaked photo, this silvery-colored cube-shaped object was seen flying over the Atlantic Ocean. This UFO sighting incident is said to be in 2018 and this summer. These photographs were widely shared among US intelligence services. This entire report was prepared by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Working Group. Let’s see what the problem is …..

The US government is very serious about UFOs

The UAP report states that this mysterious object came out of the sea and began to spin in the sky. It has also been said that the possibility of extortion of this object cannot be excluded. British expert Nick Pope told DailyMail that the revelation about alienists in the US report is extraordinary. He not only briefed the audience on things going on behind the scenes, but also explained how the US government is handling the UFO. He said: “This disclosure shows that the US government is thinking about the UFO much more seriously than it has ever thought before.”

The flying saucer was flying 30 thousand feet above the sea

Nick said he was hopeful that bigger disclosures could come soon. The US Department of Defense has yet to make a statement on this disclosure. These leaked photos were first published in The DeBrief. The Ministry of Defense and intelligence sources were cited there. Sources said the leaked photo was taken by a U.S. Air Force pilot on the U.S. east coast in 2018 with a cell phone camera. These images were previously described as “unknown silver-colored, cube-shaped objects”. This mysterious “flying saucer” flew over the sea at an altitude of 30,000 to 35,000 feet.

Photos hit the US Department of Defense in a large circle

Looking at these photos, it appears the pilot sitting in the back seat of the F / A-18 fighter was shot. Experts are also surprised to see these images. He says this mysterious thing looks like a GPS probe device that is dropped from the plane when a cyclone hits. However, these images do not have GPS transponders. Not only that, after falling from the Dopsonde GPS aircraft, it is falling towards the earth at a speed of 10 to 12 meters per second as this mysterious object struck the sky. Some experts also say that this object can also be a balloon used to detect the weather. In the midst of these claims, mysterious photographs have placed the US Department of Defense in a large circle.

The wind can fly in both waters, the “flying saucer” of “aliens”!

The US Department of Defense report indicates that there is a high probability that this mysterious object is “extraterrestrial” or “not made by humans.” A later revised report indicates that this unknown object is likely to fly easily in air and underwater. This object can come out of the ocean very quickly and fly through the air with incredible speed. The images show that this unknown object comes out of the sea and the wind is blowing. White light was coming out of every corner of this object. It was seen as an airplane in the shape of a triangle. Earlier in 2017, US Navy Commander David Fraver claimed he saw a mysterious object in the Pacific Ocean rise from the water in 2004. When they tried to chase it away, it quickly disappeared from the eyes.

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