Learn about new features in Microsoft Teams for education

One of the most successful spaces for Microsoft Teams is, without a doubt, the education sector. Colleges, institutes and universities around the world have decided to bet on teams to organize their daily life and conduct online courses and presentations. Microsoft recognizes this reality, and many of the new Teams features are great for education.

Dynamic view

Dynamic View intelligently organizes and distributes content and attendees during a course, showing what’s important on one screen. Chat comments will be overlaid, giving more visibility to students who are unwilling or unable to use their voice.

In addition, Dynamic View is an important aid for hearing-impaired participants, who can use it to highlight their sign language interpreter alongside shared content. Also, if we want to make the meeting window bigger or smaller, the attendee gallery will automatically adjust to fit perfectly and keep showing all content.

Team presenter mode

Source: Microsoft

Presenter mode allows teachers to choose how they want video and content to be presented to students during class. First, the “Featured” mode shows the presenter’s camera in front of the shared content. For its part, the “Reporter” mode displays the content above the presenter’s shoulders. Finally, the side-by-side mode displays the presenter’s video alongside the content as it is presented.

Turn off video

Source: Microsoft

Teachers will also have the option to turn off video for students, both for some of them and for all at the same time. This will help you stay in control of the classroom and avoid unwanted interruptions.

Team attendance reports

Finally, teachers can now download attendance reports at the end of each class. Only the meeting organizer will have access to these reports, which will include data such as when each student joined, when they left, their email, and the duration of the class.

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