Learn about the main challenges facing the hospitality, food and robotics industries

Learn about the main challenges facing the hospitality, food and robotics industries

Montaner & Asociados, the flagship brand of Grup Montaner which offers consulting services in change management in organizations, talent recruitment and selection of Onboarding, reflects with the leading companies in its sector on the year of the pandemic and the prospects and the challenges they foresee in their sectors for this 2021.

Pastisfred, experts in processed confectionery products, the Axel Hotels group present in Spain, Germany and the United States, and Stubli, leader in the offer of mechatronic solutions, join the experts of Quality Hostelera and M&A to reflect on the challenges and to the learning which meant 2020 to face this 2021. On this occasion, Jordi Dez, CEO of Stubli, Sandra Cabanillas, director of human resources at Stubli, Ana Madurell, director of human resources at Pastisfred, Albert Oliv, CEO of ‘Axel Hotels and Begoa Cisneros, Director of Quality Hostelera, together with Eva Puigjaner, Senior M&A Consultant and Eva Espinosa, M&A Selection Manager, review the trends and challenges for this year.

Opportunities in the food sector: Pastisfred

Ana Madurell, HRD at Pastisfred, a company dedicated to the food sector, specifically to processed confectionery products, explains how, due to Covid-19, they had to adapt the way the company works in every way, since the modification of production lines. how to work to adapt to new health and safety regulations.

The pandemic has caused changes in the way people work, with people close to each other on production lines. “For us, a company where cooperation between workers is essential, this was a radical change in all aspects. We had to separate people with methacrylate screens to maintain safe distances, ”explains Madurell. The hotel sector has been one of the sectors most affected by the impact of measures against the outbreak of the pandemic.

The sector remained inactive from March 2020 to October of the same year and, as a result, generated losses of more than 10,000 million euros in Catalonia alone. Despite this, his testimony is optimistic for this year. “We hope that with effort and persistence, which are two of the main ingredients of our recipes, we can move forward and continue to grow as a business,” he says.

Tourism Industry Outlook: Axel Hotels

On the other hand, the vision of the hotel sector is carried by Albert Oliv, CEO of Axel Hotels, a hotel chain aimed at the public LGTBIQ +, which has hotels in Spain, Germany and the United States.

Oliv analyzes the lived situation as an opportunity to learn and improve for the new reality. “I think from all the scenarios you learn, and without a doubt we have and continue to learn a good deal from all of these difficult situations.” In a year where they have focused on the well-being of people and offering them the greatest comfort and safety, he says that “it is essential to always stay motivated and to continue with the conviction and resilience that characterize us to make the end customer perceive it. “.

Despite the difficulties, “I hope that all the difficult decisions we had to make in 2020 and the team’s efforts to get to where we are, will be used to continue to persist and achieve new goals this year”, Oliv said.

In his testimony, Begoa Cisneros, direct Quality Hostelera, includes “in a year of unprecedented health battle, it is fascinating to see how the sector shows its best version with hotels that have been medicalized, have provided support for the elderly, victims of gender violence, as well as donations promoted for NGOs and food banks, ”explains Cisneros. “Once we end the pandemic, we will have a new challenge, that of revealing all the resilience that the hospitality industry currently exhibits. The sector will have to be rethought after the devastating situation generated by the Covid, favoring national tourism to contribute to a rapid recovery of a sector which represents 12% of the GDP in Spain ”.

Robotization in 2021: Stubli

Many of the challenges posed by the pandemic have also turned into opportunities. For the robotics sector, for example, it has been experienced as a period of improvement and rapidity of change. Stubli, a company specializing in providing mechatronic solutions in the connector technology, robotics and textile machinery sectors, the situation has led it to accelerate projects which were already part of its short-term commercial strategy.

Jordi Dez, CEO of Stubli, explains what his biggest challenge was: “We went through very difficult times, where everything was very difficult and, nevertheless, we managed to maintain practically 0 cases of people affected by Covid. Maintaining the health of the company in a more or less stable situation, without going through great difficulties, was our greatest challenge ”. And at the same time, the opportunity created by the pandemic that will animate them in 2021: “Accelerating digitization is something that we have already started and we are on the right track, but the situation has accelerated the process catastrophically. The fact that we have been forced into extreme digitalization has been, frankly, the most positive part of the gravity of the current situation, ”says Dez.

For her part, her colleague Sandra Cabanillas, Director of Human Resources at Stubli, adds: “At a glance, we saw that many of these challenges turned into opportunities. Opportunities for adaptation to changes and improvement; Due to this pandemic, we have found ourselves in need of getting used to living with technology even more. Indeed, thanks to it, the company was able to continue to function optimally. Companies have reinvented themselves and others have taken advantage of the situation to accelerate projects that were part of their commercial strategy ”. “In 2021, we have the opportunity to be better,” concludes Cabanillas.

The “ integration selection ”: Montaner & Asociados

In the year of Covid-19, Montaner & Asociados, consolidates its consulting services, with more weight in the online, in change management and Onboarding selection, which consists in guaranteeing the success of the integration of executives, middle managers and technicians through the support of selected people from 30 to 45 days. “Following the integration of the profile in the company makes it possible to analyze that the two parties, client and candidate, meet the expected expectations and settle into the position”, explains Eva Puigjaner, senior consultant in M&A.

The service, adapted to the online environment, ensures that the new profile is integrated with the business purpose and business objectives of the client who initiated the selection process. Over the past two years, more than 150 managerial profiles have successfully integrated into clients’ companies. “It may seem like the interviews and monitoring are cold or some of the essence of the person may be lost in a selection, but with good communication and appreciative gaze we have had an adaptation to the environment. digital technology that has contributed a lot. good results ”, comments Eva Espinosa, M&A selection manager.

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