Learn to stop, New Year’s goal

Not all of them are challenges, goals or new projects, the most necessary is to learn to stop, to think and to face life with serenity and confidence, instead of the anxiety and stress that uncertainty generates and who, setting so many goals, will not dissolve or change

BY RRHHDigital, 01:00 – 10 January 2021

The arrival of the new year usually comes with an endless list of goals or objectives to achieve. These days, methods are being launched to achieve these goals. However, as stated by the School of Life Skills and Health, sometimes it is advisable not to charge as much or to try to cover as much. In short, learn to stop. This is perhaps the biggest goal of the year.

We have certainly left a difficult year behind us. A year to remember and to learn. 2020 has broken the patterns for all of us. It took us out of our routine and out of what we call ‘normal’. It has caused us unease, insecurity and frustration. And this is where anxiety and stress can appear. In this context and, with the arrival of the new year, many are those who choose to get carried away, by the desire to change everything they do not want, and to take the path of hyperactivity, or, at least, planning goals and objectives. “Sometimes that can be a misconception because often times we have to learn to stop, reorient our lives and set priorities. Analyze our experiences and face events with serenity. Finding balance means understanding how circumstances affect us, both in our internal and external environment, and also, developing and using new resources, which we need to overcome difficulties without losing quality of life ” comments ngela Jordana, director and founder of the School of Skills for Life and Health.

We live in a society in which it seems like we have to be in constant movement and “often the correct movement is achieved by approaching the situation and thinking with a fresh, broad and calm perspective. With this, we will be able to adapt to change, overcome challenges and get rid of what the long-awaited peace of mind does not bring us, ”says Jordana.

“In times of change, learning to stop is necessary to become aware of oneself. Realize what causes us to lose our health and causes us internal discomfort. It is the first step in transforming what is happening to us and finding meaning for ourselves. “

To support and facilitate the effort to adapt to change, the School of Skills for Life and Health presents the course “Learning to Stop”, in which the student will have the necessary tools to learn to stop and establish priorities. Get to develop a new outlook on yourself and introduce the first changes that recreate your health and improve your quality of life.

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