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– Invention of Abhijeet de Sapti village of Nanded

Abhijeet got a grant and patent from Australia for the bulb.

Unique invention: LED bulb will last over 11 years, Australian grant and patent

Bombay. Abhijeet, a resident of Smart Village Sapti in Hadgaon tehsil in the Nanded district of Maharashtra, made a white LED bulb capable of lasting one lakh hour. It is claimed that the bulb made of a special material will last 4,166 days, that is, more than 11 years. It is five times more economical in electricity consumption compared to existing compact fluorescent bulbs. This LED bulb gives more light with less electricity. Abhijeet not only obtained a patent but also a grant from Australia for this bulb.

Has obtained seven patents to date –
Abhijeet said a special material was used to make a white LED bulb. He developed it himself. Their bulb will be cheaper and more durable than other LEDs available on the market. Abhijeet has so far seven patents. In the past year and a half, 17 Abhijeet research papers have been published.

LED bulb

LED bulb

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