Lefebvre integrates features into NEO to promote collaborative work in offices

Lefebvre integrates features into NEO to promote collaborative work in offices

Lefebvre, Spanish leader in legal and practical information for lawyers, advisers and the company, presented NEO in the health crisis caused by COVID-19 and proposed a response adapted to the forms of work without face-to-face. With this new platform, Lefebvre meets the requirements of professional services in the sector, promoting synergies, boosting office work and promoting collaborative work.

The NEO platform, built on the first legal semantic network, has established itself as the best technological and documentary support tool for professional companies. The legal editor has just released an improved version. According to Dborah Cornejo, director of the editorial department of Lefebvre, “with NEO and Sibila, we have succeeded in making our databases the most innovative in the legal market, integrating features that do not exist in the sector and which allow us to guarantee the user experience to our customers ”.

Sibila is the first document analyst to change the concept of legal documentation research. With Sibila, it is possible to query databases very quickly and efficiently, which was previously impossible. Read the document, extract the topics, validate the legal basis and find the most relevant contextualized results thanks to the application of artificial intelligence (AI).

The areas in which further improvements have been incorporated are:

1. Integrated and collaborative environment

The new version of NEO has an improved access interface from which to access products in an integrated manner. With this new functionality, it is now possible to personalize both personal access to the publisher’s digital ecosystem and team shared content, thus promoting collaborative work in offices.

2. Classification criteria and advantages

With NEO, it is now possible to search for legal concepts by disciplines (Systematic Index) or by subjects classified in alphabetical order (Analytical Index), obtaining advantages such as:

Access to any document and searches on the same screen. Greater precision, depth of analysis and hierarchical development. Self-describing character of the voices, sufficiently significant in itself.

The new jurisprudential voice indices make it possible to cover the entire field of Law and to locate any document; make specific or generic classifications; and effectively extending, modifying or expanding topics, among other benefits.

3. The power of metadata

Through the search pages with metadata, searches are carried out on each type of document to include specific data of the consulted document. You will always access the most relevant document thanks to new lists such as those that include legal concepts or legal provisions. Along with metadata, the NEO platform offers query suggestions that serve as a guide for creating new searches. In this way, suggestions related to legislation, memorabilia, forms, books or doctrinal articles, among others, will appear.

In short, the precision of the new extracts, the key concepts, the preview of the links and the information of the cited references allow a significant saving of time and a greater precision and security.

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