Leroy Merlin, hand in hand with Aon, guarantees equal pay for its employees

Leroy Merlin, hand in hand with Aon, guarantees equal pay for its employees

Leroy Merlin confirms equal pay for men and women by guaranteeing fair remuneration depending on the position. Analysis by professional services firm AON ensures that there is virtually no pay gap since the gap is 0.9%, which is well below the legal limit of 25% which determines the existence of wage discrimination based on sex.

The company is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion to grow as a business. Cultural, demographic and social diversity is one of the pillars of the company’s CSR framework. For this reason, Leroy Merlin aligns itself with the achievement of sustainable development goals, in particular SDG 8, on decent work, and SDG 10, on reducing inequalities.

Leroy Merlin already has an Equality Plan through which it has introduced the gender perspective in organizational management and, more particularly, in the area of ​​HR policies, by promoting measures that promote equal treatment and chances. between men and women.

Currently, the company is working on a diversity plan to promote a more inclusive work environment, which will provide important benefits such as better knowledge, better understanding and better customer orientation, better adaptation to change, fostering innovation and improve strategic positioning and competitiveness.

Eloy del Moral, Leroy Merlin People Leader, underlines that “for Leroy Merlin, diversity, equal opportunities and talent development are fundamental values ​​in Leroy Merlin’s contribution to society. The real challenge is to make diversity the engine of growth for organizations. In short, the future of diversity depends on integrating it into the daily life of organizations, both from an internal and external point of view ”.

The company renewed its adherence to the Diversity Charter in 2018, a code of commitment promoted by the Foundation for Diversity and supported by the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality. This charter promotes the management of diversity as an instrument of cultural transformation to promote social progress and strengthen economic competitiveness.

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