Leroy Merlin reaches 7,000 hires by incorporating 1,000 additional people for the summer campaign

Leroy Merlin reaches 7,000 hires by incorporating 1,000 additional people for the summer campaign

Leroy Merlin, leader in home furnishings, is actively seeking 1,000 additional people to strengthen its teams during the summer campaign. These additions are in addition to the 6,000 made previously. Interested persons can submit their application through the company’s employment website.

Leroy Merlin announced last March the hiring of 5,000 professionals and, due to the extraordinary development of the summer campaign, decided to hire 2,000 additional people. As a result, job offers reach 7,000 hires and meet the company’s commitment to guarantee immediate availability of products for the enjoyment of the home, offering the best customer experience through personalized attention and treatment.

Leroy Merlin is therefore strengthening its teams to offer advice on the layout of terraces and gardens, at a key time of the year for this type of project.

The new employees who will join the company will strengthen the cash positions, replenishment, logistics and sales of products and solutions in the gardening section during a summer campaign that should again be a differential for home enjoyment.

The positions to be covered are distributed by the 129 points of sale that Leroy Merlin has in Spain and will be extended throughout the months of June, July and August, depending on the development of the activity.

Leroy Merlin is undergoing a constant process of transformation and adaptation to new times. For this, multidisciplinary teams are designed with more open and collaborative working methods. The company is recognized by Top Employer Spain 2021, is on the Forbes list of the best companies to work for and was ranked 18th in the Merco Talent 2020 ranking.

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