Less than 5% of Spanish companies invest in the growing gaming environment

The data is more than clear: only one in three brands present in Spain (29%) has already invested in the gaming or eSport environment and less than 5% of national companies have already carried out advertising actions in this sector, valued to $ 123.1 million worldwide.

This is one of the conclusions drawn during the round table organized at the headquarters of The Hub of Brand between Mazinn, the first generational council of this ecosystem aimed at connecting brands with Generation Z (1994-2010), and the experts marketing and advertising of high level entities such as Movistar Riders or Arena Media.

For years, the advertising sector has been thinking about winning over its young potential clients, whose culture and digital DNA demand new forms of brand behavior and, above all, new environments in which they had never been. handled, which is a major obstacle to the implementation of marketing actions. “Any brand can enter the gaming industry even if it’s not native. Today, there is a gap that, for the moment, only certain companies in the food, fashion and health sectors are taking advantage, ” explains lvaro Justrib, co-founder and business development at Mazinn .

In Spain, the video game industry is equivalent to 0.11% of GDP, and despite the fact that 92% of Z consider that the game can have other applications besides entertainment, the attempts to monetize this opportunity are very limited. One of the reasons is the need to innovate technologically. Brands need to understand the difference between gamification, as McDonalds did when creating a small video game within its APP, which reached over 600,000 unique players in less than a month and the longer retention of their customers within their user experience, ” explains Rafa Magaa, CEO and Co-Founder of Mazinn, “ and, on the other hand, there is the game, a territory of interest for the user who just connected with the brand during leisure with the video game. Thanks to these video games, which generate new codes, dynamics and demands with their communities, the brand can enter, generate value and business proposals and interact with its current and potential customers. ”

The opportunities here are incredible because, although this territory carries a young DNA, the segment of the population that enters it reaches 15 million people (50% of the population between 6 and 64 years old).

However, currently six in ten Z (58%) devote their mobile phones to entertainment and games and, during the crisis, consumption has increased by 28.1%. The world of video games and other new communication platforms of this generation, like Twitch and Discord, are becoming social networks where young people are found, but not brands.

“ For us, as the only collaborative phygital marketing ecosystem in Spain, it is important to show brands how in THOB they can find all the partners needed to pave this path and enter it without fear. Thank you to Mazinn’s advisor, who explains from the inside what they will find and how to live inside, and to the talent of the more than 30 hyperspecialized hubers who can shape this route which has been established to achieve the objectives. offers, ” ‘says Walter Varela, head of The Hub of Brands, the premier collaborative marketing phygital ecosystem of more than 30 marketing, technology and innovation companies.

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